Anduhyaun Inc. is a not-for-profit, charitable agency founded to respond to the needs of Toronto's Indigenous women. It was first established in 1973 as a hostel. Over the last four decades, Anduhyaun Inc. has expanded to create culturally-inclusive, safe spaces for women and their children at various stages of life.

During the 1960’s there was a big push in the movement of understanding the abuses that women face, and it was clear that more support for women was needed. In 1968 the Ministry of Indian Affairs and the YWCA opened a hostel in Toronto to support Indigenous women, who were among the least recognized in society and facing multiple levels of abuse and oppression. A group of Indigenous women proposed that this hostel should also be managed by Indigenous women and this proposal became a reality. In 1973 a not-for-profit, charitable agency was created, known as Anduhyaun Incorporated, and the hostel became a place of support.

As Anduhyaun Inc. evolved, a supportive housing facility was seen as a necessary option to further support Indigenous women on their healing paths. Nekenaan Second Stage Housing opened its doors in 1995, as a stepping stone in supporting women and children.

Today the hostel is known as Anduhyaun Shelter and is Canada’s oldest emergency shelter for Indigenous women, where there is support and advocacy for women and children recovering from the traumas of violence. Anduhyaun Inc is a women run organization with Indigenous women and their allies as management, staff, and community partners. Working with the guidance from Anduhyaun’s Board of Directors, the goal is to continue fulfilling the agency’s mandate.

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Programs and Services

Anduhyaun Shelter is a Violence against Women (VAW) Emergency Shelter servicing Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal women with or without children fleeing violence.

The Shelter is a substance free VAW (Violence against Women) 18 bed family support agency that provides culturally sensitive counselling and referrals for women and their children. Women are provided support in a culturally safe and inclusive environment.

The shelter operates on a client focused and strength-based approach which promotes advocacy and empowerment for woman while maintaining their cultural identity in addition to respecting diversity of race, religion and sexuality. The goal here is to address the unique needs of each woman as she navigates her path on her healing journey.

Services offered at the Shelter includes, but are not limited to:

  • Individual Counselling
  • Sexual Assault Counselling
  • Crisis Counselling
  • Life Skills
  • Resident Support Services
  • Cultural Ceremonies and Elders

Anduhyaun Shelter is not accessible by wheelchair, please feel free to contact us for additional resources. Upon request, accessible formats of written information and other forms of communication are available.

Nekenaan Second Stage Housing (NSSH) is a Transitional Housing service that provides safe, affordable, temporary housing to Indigenous women with or without children.

Nekenaan provides:

  • A substance and violence-free environment
  • A six story building that is on a major bus route
  • 24 furnished units - 10 single occupancy units with a fridge & microwave oven - 14 double occupancy units that include a fridge, microwave oven, and stove - an accessible unit to suit an individual or families up to 3 people
  • Space designed to suit an individual or families of up to 5 people
  • Free laundry facilities and telephones (local line) on each tenant floor
  • A common area that has a dining, kitchen and lounge area
  • Security features such as a coded phone system to enter the building, security camera system, tenant only elevator access and emergency on-call service
  • Available each month - culturally specific programming - a variety of workshops to promote personal growth and well-being

Contact us for more information

Upon request, accessible formats of written information and other forms of communication are available.