ABOUT Gabriel Dumont Non-Profit Homes (Metro Toronto) Inc, also known as GDNP Homes, is a centralized 87-unit Aboriginal apartment and townhouse complex. Established in 1985, they have 3 and 4 bedroom units to accommodate larger families, and are located in south east Scarborough. This project offers subsidized housing to families of First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples on a rent-geared to income basis.

VISION: To support Indigenous peoples in an urban setting while maintaining their cultural integrity.

MISSION: To relieve the poverty of urban Indigenous peoples through supplying low-cost rental accommodation on a non-profit basis.

ACTIONS: GDNP Homes supports building community involvement within GDNP Homes and the extended South East Scarborough Indigenous community. Through encouraging and promoting a better understanding of Indigenous peoples’ needs indicated by community consultation, GDNP Homes holds space for collaboration with other Indigenous agencies and organizations to provide resources. The support mechanisms address for cultural safety, self determination and building community capacity. GDNP Homes is dedicated to developing and delivering programs toenhance the social and cultural position of Indigenous peoples in an urban setting.

Positive Space This is a place where human rights are respected and where two spirit, lesbian, gay bisexual, transsexual, transgender and queer people and their friends and allies are welcome and supported.

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Programs and Services


Gabriel Dumont Non-Profit Homes provides referrals and resource options to its community. We partner with Indigenous agencies to provide a variety of supports through on site workshops, ceremonies and to build individual and community capacity.

Rental Application Process

Completing the Rental Application Form

The Rental Application – – must be completed in full, including being signed and dated by all applicants the age of 16 and older.

– Updated proof of income from all sources is to be attached to the Rental Application.

– Those applicants wanting to be considered for rent-geared-to-income assistance must submit one of the following: a) Status card (First Nations, Metis, Inuit) OR b) Sworn affidavit

Landlord and Credit Check

GDNP Homes will conduct a Landlord and Credit Check on each applicant. If the Landlord check indicated monies owing a previous Landlord, the applicant will be notifeied of whom to contact. Applicants who have a detrimental Landlord check will be advised that their application will not be considered until written documentation has been received stating that the matter has been resolved between the applicant and the previous Landlord.


Applicants will be advised that an interview has been scheduled. All adults 16 years of age and older must attend this interview. Failure to attend the interview will warrant that the application be withdrawn.

Successful Applicant

A letter will be sent advising you that you have been placed on our external waiting list. You are required to ensure that you provide us with updated contact information in order for us to contact you when a unit will be allocated to you.

Wait List Time

Your time on the wait list is dependent upon the availability of a unit and the date your application is completed.

Failure to Accept a Unit when Offered

If you offer you a unit and you decline; your application will be withdrawn.

Stale Dated Application

If we have not heard from you over the past three (3) years of your application being approved, your application will be considered stale dated and you will need to reapply.

Rental Application

Print application to complete. Submit to the GDNP office either through mail or fax.

Mail: GDNP Homes 4201 Kingston Rd, Unit 114A Scarborough, ON, M1E 5B3 OR Fax: 416-286-5641