Helping Aboriginal men in Toronto lead healthy, self-determined lives. In 1985, Na-Me-Res began offering emergency shelter to Toronto-based Aboriginal men who were without a place to live. The 26-bed shelter grew quickly to accommodate the growing needs of the community and as a greater understanding of the underlying reasons for Aboriginal homelessness emerged, Na-Me-Res implemented support programs to address those causes. Today, the Na-Me-Res Housing initiatives include: A 69-bed emergency shelter at Bathurst St. and St. Clair Ave. West Sagatay, a nationally-recognized transitional housing program O’Gitchidaa Mushkiki Wigwam, a long-term independent housing initiative Our Programming has also evolved to include:

  • Cultural connection and identity such as a sweat lodge, hand drumming, and traditional teachings
  • A Medicine Wheel Garden at Hillcrest Park
  • Elder outreach for street homeless men to connect with their culture
  • Life skills workshops on healthy living, literacy, financial literacy, and employment
  • Integration assistance for men leaving the criminal justice system
  • Addiction and mental health support and counselling
  • Workshops on creative writing, photography, and reiki
  • A support community for Aboriginal men in the Toronto area

The Na-Me-Res team meets the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs of our clients wherever they are on their journey. We are traditional Elders & teachers, case managers, counsellors, client care and support workers, street outreach workers, housing support and aftercare workers, Registered Nurses, Oshkabaywis (spiritual helpers), and a life skills coordinator. Na-Me-Res also partners with psychiatrists, doctors, and many other community service providers. Na-Me-Res is a registered charity that relies on the generosity of the government as well as public and private donations. Find out more about how you can support Na-Me-Res or make a donation now. The Na-Me-Res Logo The sweat lodge is a sacred Aboriginal ritual that helps people become rebalanced and refocused. The ceremony is a step toward our connection to all living beings and the Creator. When the ritual is complete, we emerge reborn and renewed with the ability to walk the red road. To walk the red road is to know sacrifice and suffering; it is to understand humility. Na-Me-Res proudly facilitates that transformation in our clients by providing a safe space for them to learn, grow, and thrive.

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Programs and Services


The Na-Me-Res journey begins with finding secure, needs-based housing. Yet for many of our clients, homelessness is connected to a loss of culture and identity.

The Na-Me-Res programs are designed to help you reconnect with your culture and build the skills you need to start your healing journey, stay sober and healthy, and create a strong, vibrant future.

If you’re street homeless…

Aboriginal Outreach & Support Services, 20A Vaughan Road

As you transition from the streets to a home, accessing services can be difficult.

Our Outreach and Support Services program helps clients:

  • Find a doctor or walk-in clinic
  • Reach appointments on time
  • Deal with landlords and housing issues
  • Access food banks and meal sites
  • Find an ID (Identification) Clinic to get a SIN, birth certificate, OHIP health card
  • Help with applications and government forms

Na-Me-Res Outreach can help you while you’re street homeless and will continue working with you through the process of finding housing and for a full year after. Our After Care Program will then help you deal with any issues that may arise during your transition.

Contact (416) 653-4794 to talk to someone or email

If you want to renew or reconnect with your Aboriginal culture…

Aboriginal Elder Outreach Project, 20A Vaughan

Twice a week, an Elder accompanies our Outreach staff to engage with clients where they are: at their residence, on the street, or in local drop-ins.

The Elder provides teachings and ceremonies that focus on Aboriginal customs, values, and practices while recognizing and respecting the differences between our Aboriginal cultures. The Aboriginal Elder Outreach Project creates a sense of belonging, improves physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health, and increases your chances of maintaining stable housing.

Call (416) 653-4794 or email for help.


Ngim Kowa Njichaag: Reclaiming My Spirit

Many of our clients have found that connecting or reconnecting with their culture helps them meet their goals, increase their self-esteem and confidence, as well as connect with a community that understands their path. The Ngim Kowa Njichaag program can help you reclaim your Aboriginal culture and identity in a compassionate and healing environment.

The Ngim Kowa Njichaag (Reclaiming My Spirit) program is facilitated by an Oshkabaywis (spiritual helper).

Email to find out more.

If you’re struggling with mental health or addiction…

Mino Kaanjigoowin: Changing My Direction In Life

Mino Kaanjigoowin means, “finding the good to change yourself or your direction in life”. As with all Na-Me-Res programs, we’ll help you find housing then together we’ll create a plan that will work for you in the long run.

The Mino Kaanjigoowin care team includes:

  • Traditional elders and teachers
  • Medical professionals
  • Client support workers
  • General outreach support

The Na-Me-Res Emergency Shelter and residences are abstinence-only housing so that you can remain sober while you get on track.

Contact or call (416) 652-0334 x 2223 to take the next step.

If you’re a Sagatay client and you want to learn new skills…

Apaenmowineen: Having Confidence In Myself

Our Apaenmowineen (Having Confidence in Myself) program is a 3-to-6-month life skills program for clients of Sagatay. The Apaenmowineen program helps you develop the skills you need to maintain stable housing, find employment, and build your community.

The Apaenmowineen workshops include:

  • Healthy living
  • Drumming
  • Literacy and Employment
  • Community gardening at the Medicine Wheel Garden
  • Sharing circles
  • Financial literacy
  • Creative writing and Photography
  • Traditional teachings
  • Addictions programming

Clients participating in the Apaenmowineen program stay at Sagatay for one year. Once you complete the Apaenmowineen program, you can move to our affordable, long-term accommodation, O’Gitchidaa Mushkiki Wigwam (A Good Heart Medicine House).

Apply to Sagatay to get started.

If you’re ready to upgrade your education…

The Espaniel/Menzies Education Fund

The Espaniel/Menzies Education Fund provides a modest bursary every year to two Aboriginal men in order to help them further their education through secondary, post-secondary or apprenticeship programs. The awards of $500 can be used toward school-related expenses such as tuition, books and supplies, or transportation.

To be eligible for the bursary, you must be:

  • Aboriginal,
  • A Na-Me-Res program participant for at least 6 months and,
  • Enrolled in a secondary, post-secondary, or apprenticeship program

Please speak with a Na-Me-Res staff member if you are interested in applying.