Our Mission: As part of the Métis Nation, we represent Métis people in Toronto and York Regions. We aspire to provide cultural events, education and build healthy and reciprocal relationships in the spirit of reconciliation.

Our Vision: Métis people and the community of Toronto and York Region are thriving, culturally vibrant and woven together like the threads of our sash.

Geographic Boundaries: The Community represented by the Toronto and York Region Metis Council is described geographically as follows. The  boundaries of the Council are: - Western boundaries of Toronto and York Region. - Northern boundaries of York Region and the shores of Lake Simcoe - Eastern boundary from Franklin Beach at Lake Simcoe South along Highway 48 to Lake Ontario. - Southern boundary is Lake Ontario.

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Weaving the Sash: Métis Youth, Culture and Connection

What is the Weaving the Sash project?

Weaving the Sash is a project that has been created by and for Métis youth of the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions. Lead organizers Christine Skura, Alicia Blore, Elise St. Germain, and Lindsay DuPré have partnered with the Toronto & York Region Métis Council to offer a four­part event beginning in the fall of 2015 and running until the summer of 2016. Programming for these events will be informed by youth feedback from two sharing circles held in September (one in Toronto and the second in York Region). We hope to provide Métis youth in these regions with the cultural experiences that are difficult to access in an urban context. While learning traditions like beading, jigging, fishing, and plant medicines, youth will have the chance to strengthen their own Métis identity and to build meaningful relationships with Senators and Elders, knowledge holders, the land, and each other.

Thanks to the Laidlaw Foundation for their support!

Read more about the project and the team behind it on the MNO website.

Would you like to get involved? Here’s how!

​Give us your feedback on what you would like to see at the events. This can be done either by filling out our online survey and/or attending one of our sharing circle focus group sessions. Online Survey